Kom El Dikka Agri Lodge

January 3, 2024
A 45-acre Olive Farm located on the hills of Tunis Village in Fayoum overlooking Lake Qarun. Fayoum is a beautiful and diverse part of Egypt, and can be best-enjoyed & travelled while based in the Village of Tunis. Kom el Dikka is a 30 year old privately owned Olive Farm, which has been recently developed into an Agri-Tourism Lodge. Several years ago, the farm added Vegetable & Fruit Organic Agriculture to its program to accommodate for the family’s’ and relatives needs, and has since expanded to include selling Certified organic products to Tunis Village and Cairo residence. Kom el Dikka accommodates guests in a few secluded locations on the hills of the estate overlooking Lake Qarun. All architecture is in Earth/Islamic design, which is both beautiful and functional, especially in managing hot and dry weather. Making it feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer than the outside temperature. Within the 45 acre estate of Kom el Dikka, and further around Tunis Village; you will find many different and interesting activities for you and even more for kids such as: Fruit & Vegetable Picking, Horseback riding, Bird watching, Petting Zoo, Hiking, Jogging, Sailing, Fishing, Duck Migration, Baking Bread, Pottery schools, Arts & Crafts, learning to plant, BMX Track, Mountain bike riding, Sports, and Boat rides in the lake.

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