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A city of million secrets and stories!

Name;  Greater Cairo, or in Arabic القاهرة‎  Al-Qahira, the largest city in the Arab World and most populous one in African countries, It has been known and famous among Egyptians in history by The City of A Thousand Minarets, though the word of Al-Qahira means "the Vanquisher" or "the Triumphant", the name informally used by most Egyptians is "Masr" (Egyptian Arabic name for Egypt), Al-Qahera was named and founded in 969 A.D., it is also known as the Greater Cairo being now an administrative entity including a semi-official addition to the Cairo city  , Giza Governorate , and Shubra Al Khaimah- Qliubia, "New Cairo"- Maady to which is joined Helwan city, the newest component of Greater Cairo. Our guide here was Dr. Gamal Hemdan remaining words for his beloved Cairo;"as if all Egypt history was summarized in Cairo or captured in Cairo". While others foreigners used to called this city ; (City of Empires, Servant of Empires, or the empires Vanquisher, Paris on the Nile) 

Cairo governorate is located along 41,542 km on the east bank of the River Nile having boundaries to the north with eastern provinces of Qaliubia, to the south with Helwan, to the west with Giza governorate, to the east with Suez. Covering  an area of 214 square kilometers,  Cairo Total area of agricultural land is 10.89 thousand acres and the total crop area is 15.19 thousand acres. main industries include building materials and refractories, Metal machinery equipment, transport equipment, wood and its products, spinning and weaving, paper industries and other industries. Greater Cairo is  formally divided into two different areas (Cairo & Giza), but the fact that they are very cross-cutting and harmonise in one entity only  separated by the River Nile. Cairo is the place  where East meets West combining charm of the East and modernity of  West, where thousands of minarets adorn the sky altogether side by side with sky reaching modern style buildings. It is no doubt one of the largest cities in Africa, located in the heart of the Arab world with a population of 17 million. Cairo is an eastern colorful bazaar on the banks of the Nile.
Cairo History & geography in brief
Near by Cairo, you'll find  now the ruins of Memphis, the beginnings of what is called greater Cairo, in the center of Egypt, also the center of the 2 deserts, between the Delta of the River Nile and the main body of the Nile, located now 14 miles southwest of Cairo, it was a metropolis 5,000 years ago, and then moved to the north 2,000 years ago to a part of the Romans occupied town on the same site of Cairo called Babylon (now the Misr Al-Qadimah quarter), becoming afterwards  the foundation of the  contemporary city  al-Fustat, founded by 'Amr ibn al-'As as a military encampment in 641 A.D., taking the name of Al-'Askar in 750 A.D. by the Umayyads; continuing to expand to become  Al-Qata'i or EL-Kattai3القطائــع ,  the city founded in 870 A.D. by Ahmad bin Tulun, only Little remains of these early developments in the southern part of the city are  still standing as a proof of such cities exisiting : the mosques of 'Amr ibn al-'As (641)& Ahmad ibn Tulun (878), then came the rising power of Fatimid's period & invading Egypt coming from the region called now Tunisia, with a purpose to embellish the city  giving it its new now remaining forever name,  "The Vanquisher", The Conquering general, "Jawhar the Sicilian" established a new rectangular walled city northeast of existing settlements. Initially named al-Mansuriyah, the city was renamed al-Qahirah in 973-974 A.D. when the Fatimid caliph Al-Mu'izz moved with his family from Tunisia making it the capital of his dynasty for 200 years.
Then came the era of the Crusades when Cairo Al-Qahirah (1168 A.D) unfortified was set on fire to protect Cairo from the crusaders. The crusaders were driven off by a Sunni (orthodox Islamic) army from Syria, then Cairo witnessed  the victorious commander-- Saladin, founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, who controlled and ruled the vast Arab empire taking Cairo the capital of his kingdom .
Then Cairo transformed at the end of the first millennium from a royal enclave into an imperial metropolis. creating a big change, Saladin further extended the 11th-century walls built by a high official called Badr al-Jamali (the northern and southern walls and three main gates, al-Futooh Gate, Al-Nasr Gate, and Zuwaylah Gate) to protect all Cairo by constructing of what later famous by his name Saladin Citadel on the edge of the Muqattam spur (now dominated by the Muhammad 'Ali Mosque).
After 1260, time & people have changed but Cairo remains witness of the big changes not only in Egypt but also in all arab countries when "Baybars" became the first Mamluk sultan of undisputed legitimacy, Cairo became a city where slaves ruled an imperial Cairo served as the capital of the Mamluk empire, which governed Egypt and the Fertile Crescent until 1516, Medieval Cairo reached its apogee during the Mamluk era. By about 1340, it has become the biggest city in Africa and Arab countries, almost 500,000 persons lived in an area five times greater than the original Fatimid walled Old city, it became one of the greatest cities compared to other European and Asia Minor cities of the same epock. At all times, Cairo played her role and not only witness history changes but act and give reaction sometimes as a Vanquisher and sometimes as a victim however  always giving lessons and remaining to be seen by travelers along eras Cairo gave us Al-Azhar University, the main center  of Islamic learning. Cairo was the key link in the profitable East-West spice trade same as Silk Road the recipient of tribute from a wealthy empire. Most of Cairo's greatest architectural masterpieces were built during this epoch. As alwayswith life, Cairo also witnessed hard times naming mainly  the Black Deathin 1348. The spice trade monopoly was broken by Vasco da Gama's voyage from Portugal to India (1497-99). Finally, political autonomy was lost to the conquering Turks, who, after 1517, restricted Cairo influence to be only a provincial capital. In 1798, conquered by Napoleon and his troops arriving to Cairo, the Turks returned after Napoleon's defeat in 1801.
In 1805 the Macedonian Muhammad 'Ali, commander of an Albanian contingent in the Turk army, was appointed pasha, the first to be selected by Egyptians following hundred years of the Arab ruling, he founded  his dynasty that ruled Egypt going along till the success of the throne by his great-great-grandson, Farouk I, abdicated in 1952 by the Egyptian modern army
Cairo grew even so much more, its role became moreimportant not only as the biggest African and Arabian City but as a political center and a strategic battleground where first the French
Then Cairo getting out from narrow Valley of Nile River to the wide desert, first it was Abbasya, Maady then Heliopolis which refers to the modern day city by the same name created in 1906-1907 by Baron Edouard Empain, During the project's dream-up phase, Heliopolis also known as The Oasis. This is how it was described in the 1906 prospectus put out by Belgian developers who had incorporated themselves into The Cairo Electric Railways & Heliopolis Oases Company. The new company's share issue was oversubscribed even before the first stone had been laid in the desert, nine kilometers north of Cairo.
World famous architectures came to build the new Cairo bringing with them merchants, speculators, artisans, adventures and even landless, Italian architects and technicians were employed in Egypt's Ministry of Public Works, Italian peasants to a city where the corner grocer was Greek, the mechanic Italian, the confectioner Austrian, the pharmacist English, the Hotelier Swiss and the department store owner Jewish. Names such as Francesco Botticelli, Giuseppe Garozzo, Carlo Prampolini, Carlo Virgilio Silvagni, Pietro Avoscani, Augusto Cesari and Luigi Gavasi among these, was the Sicilian Giuseppe Garozzo, and later his sons, who were involved with many of Cairo's major buildings, including the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, the Abdeen (Abdin) Palace, the famous Shepheard's Hotel and the Cairo Fire Brigade Station in Ataba Square.
The most obvious was the city that Khedive Ismail built, with the help of his mater builder and Minister of Public Works, Ali Mubarak, with the European money that would eventually steal the common Egyptian's freedom and give it to the great banking empires of the west. They were built during a time that ruthless European powers vied for Egypt, and it was Baron Haussmann, who had created this new Paris, that personally received and entertained the khedive and his entourage. Ismail hungered to be a part of the civilized Europe, he set about to fulfill this dream with the short-lived money from his cotton bonanza. He would build his Paris along the Nile, but rather than simply pull down old districts as Haussmann did in Paris, Ismail decided to build an entirely new city just west of the old one. Egypt has money and wealthy full of prosperity the silky exported cotton of Egypt and the money that it generated all these constructions lead to what travelers could see of Cairo Architecture between 1870 and 1930, with a mixture of baroque, art deco and expressionism, including well known landmarks of downtown Cairo, but also the less familiar landscapes of Garden City and Zamalek. Even if this is not the Cairo of today, but the headiest day's parties and social magic, and many of the buildings and houses built during this period remain. While Khedive Ismail and Ali Mubarak drew up the plans for modern Cairo, they founded the School of Irrigation and Architecture in Abbasiya, which became what, is today, the Cairo University's Faculty of Engineering. Then School of Arts and Crafts in Bulaq that would later become the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University. It was said that Cairo as a pretty old woman still own warm heart, she is noisy, crazy with flamboyant cloths smell like a spices.
Cairo Major Tourist attractions  
 Cairo is city-lover’s city; you can enjoy sipping tea at Naguib Mahfouz's favorite hangout places not far from the romantic Beit el Sennari, or take felucca under the famed Nilo-meter, or even tearing around it in a rickety taxi. The fascinations of this city are many, and you have to Choose between the most adorable sightseeing to visit, and Which sightseeing must be remain to be visited in the next time of your visit? Weather in Cairo is fine all over the year. It's mild cold in winter, sunny, hot in summer but with nice breeze, during spring and autumn weather is great and perfect for outside activities and traveling within the country. a tour in Cairo is virtual time travel: from the oldest monuments all kinds of majestic Pyramids passing by oldest Churches & mosques with special places close to Muslims and Christians heart, places like the Virgin Mary's Tree, Al-Azhar, EL Hussen Mosque, etc… Cairo had a charm which attracted travelers, men of letters and artists, arouse the fever and attraction of the desert, and inspire of the romance from her endless Nile River. Cairo a city of "one thousand and one night" a city of truly Arabian Nights which inspired travelers to draw vivid, lively scenes of contrasting colors and shades of the society of her beautiful ages. In a city bearing about 16 million inhabitants, Cairo is a complex blend of different civilizations and therefore is unique to live in. its most obvious asset is the river that runs through it. Cairo is home to some of the world’s most splendid Islamic monuments, museums and galleries! There are plenty more than those listed in the most guidebooks. A unique array of shopping, the opera complex, a" neighborhood” feel, contrasted galore. The problem is one of an embarrassment of riches, among which one must learn to pick & choose.
Entertainment in Cairo;
Cairo is a tireless city, sleepless city, with a lot of tourist facilities and hotels of all categories, theaters, cinemas, On any given day, you can go to see a new foreign film, visit a contemporary art exhibition, and while away the evening at a nightclub, or to watch Oriental dancing. Especially during the summer as a time of polarization of tourists, also for shopping lovers.
Cultural centers & Theatres
 Most of the live theatre you will see in Cairo is performed in Arabic whoever sometimes no need to understand the language to enjoy the performance. The American University of Cairo puts on several theatre performances during the school year at the Wallace Theatre many of the shows are in English. Here are the most popular places to go;
- The new Cairo Opera House is the premier performance space in Cairo. From classical, opera to jazz & Arabic music, performed by both local and international artists. Both Cairo Opera house & Cairo Symphony make regular performances during the season.
Cairo Opera House Ticketing Office: 27390114 - 27398114
- The Balloon Theatre has performances of traditional Egyptian music & Circus
The Balloon Theatre, Sharia El Nil - Agouza, Cairo, From 15th May bridge, leading to maidan Sphinx, turn left on Shariah el Nil, about half way along the first block is the Circus and nearby the Balloon Theatre Phone: +202-392 63 36
- The Gumhuriya Theatre "State Theatre", a smaller venue than the Opera House, often has music performances. CairoDowntown, 27 Abdel Khalek Sarwat Street   +2-029363392
- Cultural Palace Sector Cairo, Agouza,+2-022037172 +2-022271730
- Al-Ghouri Mausoleum cultural centre, where you can watch Spiritual dance practiced by Sufis, can be seen on Wednesday and Saturday there near by Khan el Khalili. The performance is free and usually fills up quickly, but it is well worth waiting in the queue.
- Hanager Arts Centre Opera House Grounds, Gezira, Cairo, +2-026168340

- El Sakia, Cairo. Cultural centre in Zamalek "Sakkiat Al-Sawy", full name is El Sawy Cultural Wheel, hosting folkloric music and drama plus unusual fusions like Egyptian Rap and heavy rock covers. & Cairo Jazz Band, Add.;26 July st., Zamalek+20 , web:
 The center gets more than 20000 visitors monthly and its website receives approximately 150000 visitors/month.
Thewheel was established in 2003 by Engineer Mohamed El-Sawy. Prior to its construction, it's named El-Sawy in honor of his father's -Abdel Moneim El-Sawy, an Egyptian novelist and a former minister of culture- five-part novel series: "El-Sakkia" or (The Wheel) Entry ticket: 5 L.E, There are parties all days which begins from 6pm to 8pm or 8:30to 10:30pm, but you must be a member to attend all parties or go there with a member
- Storyteller Sherine El-Ansary, who performs in Arabic and English, does shows at the end of the month at Beit Zeinab Khatoun near Al Azhar Mosque.
Cairo Live Music, Clubs & Discos
- Cairo Jazz Club, where you can hear variety of Western-influenced music including classical, Wednesday nights are the favorite and most crowded, There they have the best live music in the city. It's not the finest place but you should dress up and enjoy some great music and have some drinks +202-3459939 Add.: Midan Sphinx, Mohandiseen197 Shar'a 26 July, near 15th of May Bridge Provide international cuisine with live music, meals are healthy from vegetarian dishes to pizza.
Every day from five to seven PM. You can ask for your favorite drink and gets one free.
Daily from 10 am - 3 am
- Buddha Barat Sofitel El Gezirah Hotel, PO box 732 El Orman, Giza, Tel: (202) 2737 37 37
- After Eight in Downtown Cairo you're just as likely to hear a stringed oud as an electric guitar. Book ahead if you want a decent seat. Add.; 6 Kasr el Nil Street, tel.;
- Bulls Eye Pub a typical English pub set in the heart of Cairo.With variety of entertainment every night with great pub grub, English breakfast served every Friday and Saturday, fantastic value for money. Add.;32Jeddah St.,.Where you can listen to Samba,
- UPSTAIRS for dance lover at Cairo World Trade Center building at the Cournich El-Nile st. tel.;
- JAKIE'S JOINT; very nice nightclub, it's crowded with all types of people and age groups for a fun night in the city at Nile Hilton Hotel Midan Tahrir in Downtown+2-025780444
- Jazz up in the Nile Hilton Hotel is a great venue to see both jazz and other music live. A house DJ here spins salsa and visitors will enjoy the cozy, albeit quite loud atmosphere.
- Crazy House Exit Salsa loud music & lots of dancers, bars and very.
address:Salah Salem Road, Tel:
- L'Aubergine-Zamalek Add.: 5 Sayed El Bakry St. Zamalek, tel.: +2-027380080, Opening Time: 10 AM - 2 AM, Min. Charge: 65 LE Cuisine for Bar & Snacks
- El Morocco-Zamalek  classy pub, For a mix of Eastern and Western beats. be sure to reserve a table or arrive before 10 pm if you want to have a table, Add.: 9a Saraya El Gezirah St. Zamalik, Blue Nile Boat, tel.:+2-02 7353114 - 012 3900256 - 012 3900257, Opening Time: 8 PM - 3 AM An expensive
- Absolute Nile view with Minimum Charge: 110 LE,Add.: Casino El Shagara Opposite To Conrad Hotel, tel.: +2-0257 96511 - +2-025796512, from afternoon – to 3 AM
- Hard Rocks Café American style brand name, with Bar Snacks, and souvenir T-shirts shop & rock 'n' roll museum, charges about 135 per person, among all the Hard Rocks in the world, it has one of the most impressive locations - on the shore of the River Nile. The view is breathtaking. It maybe the best place for new year eve or the best place to meet friends and celebrate with dance Add.: Grand Hyatt Bldg, Corniche El Nile, Garden City.Tel.: - - . Opening Time; Noon to 4 AM
- LA BARRACUDA Meridian Heliopolis            022905055
Belly dance in Cairo
Places where that Egyptian called it local dance night club or Baladi/Beledi, Sha'abi and Sharqi, also sometimes has Tanura show. We recommend that you go to see dance & Tanura shows at floating boats in The Nile as it is known limit budget with pre-paid way than others night clubs or Dance show. Nothing compare with a night spent on the Nile or at least an evening in one of floating restaurants in Cairo with dinner and dance show, the cruise lasts two hours.
- Nile Crystalwith budget $60 with transportation.; at Maadi Nile Rd., Tel:  02-23639047  02-23639047
- Marriott Nile Maxim. Zamalek. Tel: , $65 with transportation.; Saray El Gezirah St
- The Nile Pharaos; docks in 138, Al-Nil Street, Giza, Tele: , $70 with transportation.
- Nile Peking; S/S (Steam Ship), it is said that this was same boat of Agatha Christie’s [Death On The Nile] film, embellished with traditional Chinese ornamentation, with restaurant, pub, and a Mongolian barbecue, every day 1:00 am and 1:00 pm docks in Old-Cairo, near to the south tip of the island El-Roda. Tele: , If night sail with dinner show about $60 with transportation.
- M/S Scarabee;docks in Cornich El Nile St., Garden City, tel.; +20-2-3554481, a la carte lunch without sailing, evening Dinner from 20 hr. to 22.00 hr, then from 22 hr. to 00.30 hr. $60 with transportation.
For other choice dance performances in hotels or other night clubs usually don’t begin until the wee hours of the evening – 1 or 2am, Most of the Famous dancers like Dina give performances sometimes at nightclubs in the big hotels, and the cover/minimum charge reflects their popularity. Downtown nightclubs like Palmayra are less expensive—and the dancers are not as skilled.
- Pyramids Road night clubs also feature belly dancers with food & beverages.
- Haroun Al Rashid belly-dancing night club at InterContinental Hotel, Corniche El Nil 11511, tel.: +2-02-259721717
Africana Pyramids Road, Giza, is something very different, a noisy, crowded, energetic if somewhat scruffy place with the music and most of the clientele coming from sub-Saharan Africa.
- About Sphinx Festival 2010
No one could forget famous Egyptian dancers like Samia Gamal, Tahiya Karioka, Naima Akef during the golden years of the Egyptian film industry. Or even Sohair Zaki, Fifi Abdou, and Nagwa Fouad
The Sphinx Festival is a special 5 day event held in Cairo focus on Egyptian folkloric dance arts, ethnic costume, music, culture and philosophy. Guests include Mahmoud Reda (dance theatre), Farida Fahmy (folkloric dance and costume), Dr Randa Baligh (Egyptian Art Histrory), Shahira Mehrez (ethnic costume preservation) and numerous artists who work in collaboration with them. Topics explore the historic evolution of provincial folk arts in Egypt from source to stage.

Dance teachers available - private lessons or classes by request:
Raqia Hassan -web site
Aida Nour; - web site: 
Ashraf Mahdy;-web site: 
Casinos in Cairo
Gambling Rules in Egypt;
Rule No.1; Minimum Gaming Age: 21, Entrance Fee: Free, ID/Passport: Required, Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Rule No.2; No camera allowed inside
Rule No.3; only Use U.S.$  
- Casino El Gezirah Barrière, Sofitel El Gezirah hotel, 8 Jackpot Slots/Video Machines, 27 Touch-bet Roulette; Live table games (13): 5 American Roulette (min. $1), 3 Blackjack (min. $5), 2 Stud Poker (min. $5), Holdem Poker (min. $5) El Orman, tel.: , Web:
- Semiramis Casino, on the third floor next to the Night Club at Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, Garden City, Cairo tel.: , website:   34 Jackpot Slots/Video Machines; Live table games (13): 5 American Roulette, 6 Blackjack, 2 Caribbean Stud Poker, The minimum bet at roulette is from $1 and card games from $5., 
- Conrad Casino, 1191 Corniche El Nil, Cairo, 11221, Egypt. Tel: , Guest Fax: 20-2-2580-8080, Website:
- Kings & Queens Casino at Fairmont Heliopolis Hotel, Heliopolis, Cairo, tel.: +202 2267 7730/40, Web: with 26 Jackpot Slots/Video Machines; Live table: 3 double zero American Roulette (bets from $1), 3 Blackjack (bets from $5), Stud Poker (bets from $5), Holdem Poker (bets from $5)
- Midway Casino Concorde El Salam Hote,56Abdel Hamid Badawi St., Tel: , Web:
- OMAR KHAYYAM at the Cairo Mariott in Zamalek, 24H casino, 16 Saraya El Gezira St., 33 Zamalek, tel.: , Web:
- Pyramisa Cairo Casino, 60 Giza Street, Dokki, tel.: / 8000 / 9000, Fax: (+2)(02) 37605347, Website:
- Radjah Grand Casino, British-Indian colonial-style at Sonesta Cairo Hotel, 3El Tayaran St., Nasr City, Tel.: Jackpot Slots/Video Machines; Live table games: American Roulette, Blackjack, Stud Poker.
- Rendezvous Casino, Nile Hotel, Corniche El Nile, tel.: + 2025760808, open 24 hours, Table games open 5pm to 09am, Jackpot Slots/Video Machines; Live table games: American Roulette (00), Blackjack, and Poker.
- Shepheard Casino, Cornishe El Nil, Garden City, Shepheard hotel, tel.: , Web:
- The London Club Casino, Ramses Hilton Hotel, Corniche El Nile, Cairo tel.: +202 576 0808 Web:
Famous Restaurants in Cairo
Egypt has plenty of restaurants with chiefs came from world wide cultural and several method of cocking, most popular is local food restaurant then series of world famous fast food restaurants, then the classy restaurants like Italian food, Chinese, Japanese, Thai food, and Indian etc. here is some of Egyptian famous restaurants;
1- Koshary Abou Tarek
16 Maarouf St., Champollion, Downtown, Cairo Tel: 
Fax: 02-25761911 Phone / Fax: 
2- Abou El Sid-Zamalek
Cuisine: Egyptian, Oriental, Charge Rate: Expensive
Address: 157 26th July St. Phone Number: 273 59640, Opening Time: 1 PM - 2 AM, Minimum Charge: 100 L.E
3- Peking
43 Rd. 250 New Maadi, Cairo, Delivery Call: 0800-700 0800 Tel: 
4- El Shabrawy Restaurants Co. – Arabiata
1Zaker Hussein St. Nasr City, Tel.: hot line: 16919, +2-22712943, recommended for vegetarian guests, Indian guests, offer oriental delicious dishes. Catering to banks, hotels & companies, & Delivery to homes.
5- Le Pacha 1901 is one of Cairo's landmark dining and entertainment venues, with several restaurants, and one of best Egyptian restaurants with history & Nile view, hotline; 19982, Le Pacha 1901 Address:
Saray El Gezirah Street, Zamalek, Tel: , web:
6- Nile Lily; Floating restaurants serve International cosine, French, Italian, Mexican, Indian and Thai dishes. Enjoy soothing vibes of lounge, & world music on yacht cruises.70 Abdel Aziz Al Seoud St.
El Manyal, Tel: , hot line 19412  
7- Auberginestylish Vegetarian restaurant, delicious food and attractive presentation, 5al Sayed El Bakry Street, Tel: +20 2 735 6550
8- Naguib Mahfouz; coffee shop and restaurant, cosy atmosphere, nice environment, with quality service, Located at Khan el Khalili, 5 sikkit el badistan, tel.;
9- Johnny Carino's; Italian style, Saray el gizierah Zamalik +202-738-0651 Ext.106 Web:
10- Felfela cheap Egyptian style food 15 Hoda Sharawi St., Tel: +20-23922833
11- Al Tazaj one of Egyptian Arab stylish quick food, 30 Talaat Harb St., Downtown, Cairo
Tel: 025744383 - 025745122 – hot line 19018
12- Cook Door at Hoda Shaarawy St., Downtown, Tel: 023923716 - 023924641 – hot line 16999 Try the Viagra it is their special sandwich. Also chicken cordon bleu, & chicken fajitas or are yummy. Hot line 16999, Web:
13- El Embrator at 33 , 26th July St., Downtown, Tel: 025746604
14- El Tabei El Domiaty Restaurant for local Egyptian food, 1Talaat Harb St., Downtown, Tel: 025761166 – 025776699- 025754211
15- Gad Restaurants; at13 Fouad St., Downtown, Tel: 025763353
16- KFC a lot of restaurants series hot line 19019
17- McDonald's (Man Foods Egypt) hot line 19991 service entire Cairo
18- Pizza Hut service entire Cairo hot line 19000
19- Hardees; 30 Talaat Harb, Talaat Harb Mall, Tel: 7951793 / 7951294
20- El Haty 8-A 26th July St, Tel:
21- Arabesque; one of Cairo unique and elegant restaurants, at 6 Kasr El Nile St Tel:
22- Cairo Capital Club; Cairo elite 3 restaurants at Cairo Capital Club, 9 Rostom St. The Cairo Capital Club is situated in the heart of Cairo. Located on the 18th, 19th & 20th floors of the building, first Le Pavilion an international restaurant (pianist daily from 8.00pm(, second Conservatory, cocktails and private hire, and Le Jardin: Roof Top dining with magnificent views of the Nile Formal for 18th & 19th floors, smart casual on 20th floor,access for RDS Members, RDS Members must present a letter of introduction, RDS Members' guests are welcome, website: ,Tel: ;
23- Food Court; Nile Hilton Hotel, El Tahrir Sq.,
24- Bird Cage; Far Eastern style from 40 to 85 L.E. / has parking. inside Semiramis Inter Continental, Corniche El Nil, Tel:
25- Lebanese B.B.Q. , Semiramis Inter Continental Cairo, Corniche El Nil, tel.;
26- Night and Day; International restaurant at the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, Corniche El Nil St., Tel.: +20-2-3557171
27- After Eight; at 6, Kasr el Nil Street, Tel: 02-0103398000
28- Nubian Village; Le Meridian Cairo Hotel, Corniche El Nil, Tel;
29- Maison Thomas157 26th of July Street, Tel: +20-27350415
30- Abou Ramez El Souri, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, tel.; +2.02.3367229, 62 Mussadak St.
31- Al-Omda; +2.02.3368320 Middle Eastern, 131 Tahrir St.
32- Bon Appétit; Deli / Sandwiches, Shooting Club   +2.02.3350995
33- Cortigiano; elegant, style restaurant, Italian, 44 Michel Bakhum St., Tel.; +20-2-337-4838
34- - Planet Africa; Planet Africa is one of the unique restaurants in Cairo as if you are in the jungles of Africa, of course, they provide rich menu include dishes & drinks, 94 Osman Ibn Affan, Triumph, Heliopolis.
Cairo famous coffee shops (café shops)
Cairo knows as the city of coffee shops, name coffee “Ahwas” in known very well as you could find it almost in every street, especially in the old districts in Cairo. The cultural of the Ahwa is very popular here, as Egyptian like to talk and like to meet friends out side of the home atmosphere, also Cairo in summer time has a nice weather so most of Ahwaas are usually open to late night, they always inexpensive, crowded, very noisy, social
People are playing several oriental games shouting back and forth, some evening there is a radio or television playing loudly Songs from the fifties of last century in the background at all times. Cairo has a café name el feshawy located in Khan el khalili area
El Feshawy Coffee
It is said, Cairo's only place which did not have a door ever, and it was a place never close it's door for two hundred years, nothing special in this café but it's history and people who set there before, established by Hajj Fahmy Fishawy in 1797 AD, for more than two hundred years. And, therefore, is the oldest coffee in the Middle East, and perhaps in the whole world. Haj «Fahmi Fishawi» Allah's mercy his soul had a vision and a special method of working, though he did not receive any education. He Established his coffee in a small place. Just a small buffet frequented by people to comfort and calm, also to watch his show with his dancing Horse.
«Coffee Fishawy» reported in some foreign books and references by name «mirrors Coffee» view as it contains a lot of mirrors, business in coffee managed now by Professor Zia Fishawy who graduated of Faculty of Fine Arts in 1986,  he think mirrors could help directing the services especially coffee outside narrow part in the street, also to facilitate in the care guests need, sitting in place can see every corner of the elements very clearly that in addition to being larger and give aesthetic form of the place. You can feel the friendly atmosphere and have a glass of mint tea, or possibly smoke a Shisha (it's not just for men, but also women, including Egyptian women)
You order from the passing waiters, and pay at the end.
- Beano's at 49, El Falaky St., off Mohamed Mahmoud St. or 16 Maarouf - Champollion Street, Tel: or 202-5775935 / 202-5761911
- Cilantrois one of the distinctive modern cafes in Egypt special in characterized same as international series cafes like Starbucks, elegance, simple, clean, and with modern atmosphere. Tel: +202736115
- Soprano Café Italian pasta & pizza ever in a cozy & quiet atmosphere, tel.: , at 6/12 Ext. Of Abou Dawood El Zahery & El Ahly Club, 8th District, Nasr City.
- Al Americaine Beside Supreme Court Downtown, Cairo 44 Talaat Harb St., Tel
- Alfredo Cafe Omar Ibn El Khattab St., Floor 2 city Stars Centre, Phase One, Shop No. 207 Tel: 
- Aladdin; Lebanese, Sheraton Cairo Hotel, Galaa Sq., +02-23369700
- Arous El Nil; Cafe / Coffee Shop, Sheraton Cairo Hotel (Galaa Sq.), Tel.; +02-23369700
- Cafe Tabasco; Middle Eastern, International, Contemporary, 7 Mussadak St., Tel.; +2.02.7622060 
- Cafe de Paris; French, Steaks, International, 24 Ibn El Waleed St., Tel.;
- Casablanca; North African, Moroccan, Sheraton Cairo Hotel (Cleopatra Tower, Galaaq Square), open from 7pm to 2am, Tel.; +2.02.3369700
- Chicken Tikka; Arabian, Fast Food, Pakistani, 7 El Sad El Aley St. Tel.; +20-2-3357481
- Coffee Roastery; Cafe / Coffee Shop, Tel.; , 46 Nady El Seid St.
- Ebn Hamido; modern style Coffee Shop, at Sheraton Cairo Hotel
- El Mandara; Middle Eastern, Coffee Shop, 20 Mussadak St., Tel.; +2.02.7600926
- Failaka; International, Safir Cairo Hotel, El Messaha Sq., Tel.;
- Kenny Rogers Roasters; American, Fast Food, Barbecue, 21 Shooting Club, Tel.;
- Kika’s; Cafeteria, Tea House, Coffee Shop, 59A Abd Al Monam Rayad St., Tel.;
- La Poire; 62 Mossadak St., Coffee Shop / Bakery, Café, Tel.;
- Le Tabasco; Coffee Shop, International, 7 Mossadek St.
- Mashrabia; Coffee Shop, Cairo Sheraton Hotel, El Galaa Sq.,
- Camp café; Simple and clean, café at mohandesin, Tel.;
- IL Panello ceramic café, 2 Omar Ebn El-Khatab, Heliopolis, Tel.;
- Nomad; a very simple Egyptian and Eastern Europe restaurant, (roof top lounge) and very suitable for Christmas celebrations or gatherings friends or special occasions
- Sawa; quiet atmosphere and provide snacks, sandwiches, coffee, This is in addition to those who wish to smoke Shisha, also provides delivery service. 36 Abu Bakr El-Ambassador-Heliopolis.
- Al-Azhar Park; after the renewal of Al Azhar Park new restaurants operated by Tropicana's companies even Chilies, Johnny Carino's manages the cafe's Swiss Inn. Al-Azhar Park has become the most beautiful and cleanest green areas in Cairo. You can spend a beautiful day greenery and clean air, from 10 am to 9 p.m., Park entrance fee 3LE, holidays 5LE, Tel: /
- Cedars;offers the best Lebanese cuisine, like Fattoush, Manakeesh, Boneless Chicken. Architecture of the place is designed along as if you were in Lebanon, 42 St. Gezera Arabia, Tel.; ,
·         Links to others brand names café in Cairo; Costa Coffee, Cinnabon, Starbucks, Rainforest Cafe.
Cairo famous Shopping malls and area;
Check the following links;
1- City Stars (Cairo)                                                         2- Serag Mall
3- Maadi City Centre (Carrefour)                                         4- Hilton Ramses Annex
5- Nile City Towers  Mall                                                  6- City center Mall
7- Wonderland Center                                                      8- Maadi Grand Mall
9- Hyper One Center                                                       10- Horeya Mall
11- Hypermarket: Spinneys.  

Cloths shopping in Cairo;
Sports Clothing: Nike, Adidas
Cairo recommended hotels;

Hotel Name
Web Site
Semiramis Intercontinental
Down town
5 Star Deluxe
Sheraton Cairo
Down town
5 Star Deluxe-Nile view
Ramses Hilton
Down town
5 Star Deluxe-Nile view
Grand Hayatt
Garden City
5 Star Deluxe
2365 1234
F:2362 1927
Sofitel El Gezira
Gezirah Island
5 Star Deluxe-Nile view
5 Star
33367000 33368000
New Cairo
5 Star
Corniche El Nile
5 Star
Pyramids Park
Pyramids Area
5 Star
Cataract Pyramids
 Sakkara Road
5 Star
 Sofitel Sphinx
Pyramids Area
5 Star
Amarant Hotel
Giza Area
5 Star
Grand Pyramids
Giza Area
5 Star
Horizon pyramids
Giza Area
5 Star local
F: 35845038
(Down town)
    4 Star
Zoser Hotel 
Giza Area
    4 Star
F: 7800022
Oasis hotel
Giza Area
President Hotel
3 Star
Pharaoh Hotel
3 Star
33471619 / 28

Distance between Cairo and Other Cities
From Cairo to;
Alexandria (Delta Road)
 Alexandria (Desert Road)
Kom Ombo
Port Said
Baharia Oasis
Farafra Oasis
Dakhla Oasis
Kharga Oasis