Egyptian characters in brief.

 There is a strong requirement for a comprehensive methodology and the Court to reach a scientific view far - as much as possible - from emotional biases to give Briefing of the Egyptian personality characteristics and access to the keys, so I collected several years' guests and expert idea about Egyptian.

1- Egyptian Customs equal Eternity of wisdom
- (Authenticity and Traditions) which means for them the stability and continuity with several thousand of background stories and memories
- Egyptiana are civilized people. They are the first among nations, who have built a country and were the first people of the world in practicing agriculture and construction of cities, who developed the state system,
- It was proved that Egyptian farmer is still linked with the roots showing in his way of life, his home, his village, and his resections for both grandparents and the elderly, and adheres words, his way of remembering and using proverbs in his daily life. In brief we could say eternity of wisdom.
- Egyptians have a great capacity to adapt to circumstances, it seems that this capability is gained from their long history in dealing with various types of rulers, face the changing of circumstances and conditions which they undergo, they have great flexibility in handling, and have the ability to accept the status quo and adapt to whatever this command, have the patience of excruciating pressure conditions, as they said in their proverbs (be patient of your bad neighbor, sooner he would leave the neighborhood or sooner he would die first), they bet always count on time to solve their problems, or count on that time would Decompose and fade problems and their opponents.
The French Orientals "Jack Parken" see that 'Fahlowa" or "something between Savvy & acting as smart" behavior is characteristic key of the Egyptian character, and he felt that "this behavior is enabled Egypt to not be lost but same time make them lose a lot of being with developed counties".
2- Egyptians are religious:
The Arab land was the cradle of monotheistic religions, while Egypt was the beating heart of Arabism and Middle East, and the Castle that protects religions from being tampered with, this is evident by the following ;
1- Egyptian tolerance, as there is no place for intolerance or fanatism against others.
2- They always wish to be Martyrs for God regardless which religion they believed in .
3- Their capital Cairo is known as "city of a thousand minarets"
4- great number of  Contributors in building mosques and worshipers on Fridays or on Sunday for Christians.
5 – The center location of mosques in cities or villages, as a religious and cultural center where other buildings are usually built as circles around it, same as the Imam Played  role in guiding people gathered around him in circles.
6- it includes the largest Islamic university in the world 'Al-Azhar University', and huge number of worldwide graduated religious scholars.
7- Many of those who do not know the Egyptians themselves: "do not know the fact that Egypt has best Koran Chanters in the world especially in terms of vocals and pronunciation ".
8- Religious expressions in their daily lives "God willing - God willing" are used for talking about the future.
"Allah Akbar" in the impressive victory. "Praise be to God" upon completion of the work.
9- No matter if we are talking about Pharaohs, Egyptian Christians, or even Egyptian Muslims they all have built pyramids, tombs, mosques, churches, or even old temples much better than their homes, which means that  they always take in consideration  that second life and Gods are always there watching their steps.
10- most of the Egyptians  are Muslims and as part of Muslims believes they must honor all prophets of Jews & Christians – Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon among others – as their own prophets.
3- Egyptian Combining both extremes;
 "Grief and humor," they likes telling  or listening tojokes , , they tend to being sad  s  , you just walk in the street and you can see this sadness on their faces, which particularly appears in their songs that address such alike like: "the famous the night (name of a girl Leila in a story of a sad end in the popular Egyptian drama), and her beloved who is name Ain or "eye", even you can feel the meaning behind the names a dark for the night, and tears coming from eyes!
- (Positive or negative); especially in the issue that touches their personality and nationality, which is subject to many different views & reflects the interests or trends & feelings
4- Egyptians only arise in specific cases,
A-     when some one violates their sanctity accumulated over century's religious beliefs.
B-      when injure national dignity by humiliation way.
C- When threatening their livelihood.
Tyrants and dictators always know limits of these things which force them to revolt, so always try to keep the minimum degree of freedom to ensure their continued loyalty, or attempt to deceive to keep them not up to the situation of humiliation, prevent reach reasons instigator of the revolution.
Changes and Challenges facing the Egyptian personality:
There is no doubt that there have been changes included the nature of Egyptian, Egypt become more overcrowding in the cities and villages rising up the feeling of malaise, choking, and excess heat, especially in the summer time, in addition to high levels of noise pollution and visual, all led to the growth of a state of nervous stimulation and aggression of the Egyptians than they have been assigned before.
The Egyptians recently knew the earthquakes in recent year "1992", which led to absents of stability sense to some extent. Nowadays no longer enough lands in big cities and villages, farmers was forced to travel east and west in search of a livelihood for themselves and their families, on their returned back years later, they carrying ideas and attitudes belong to other environments and other cultures, also led to weakness of their affiliation than before, specially because Egyptian environment is no longer affordable & stable as before. These changes, including: 1- religious orientation does not accept the polarity of the other different and tend to be a kaafir (pagan)or excluded .2 - groups who tend to deal aggressively with the Authority and the community, but these groups do not yet constitute a general trend, where the majority of Egyptians remained influenced by the public nature of the ancient Egyptian, though this is subject to change in the next few years in the case of continuing political and social pressures. 3 - The desire to immigrate to any place in the ground away from the difficult living conditions devoid of hope and a dream especially for young people. 4 - A general state of frustration, anxiety and distress, but does not form - until now - in the form of an act to change. 4 – Spirit of enthusiastic consuming- despite the poverty - in particular those which affected the richer parasite quickly.So, the changed nature in some aspects and changed accordingly in some of the Egyptian personality characteristics.
Some may say: What is strange in that, not only Egypt, Egyptian like all human societies..... This is legitimate and logical, but in the Egyptian personality & in Egyptian life you could find this pluralism, this blatant contradictions to the point, this made writer like Hendos Morris (Maurice Hindus 1949) echoes that Egypt is the land of contradictions (Land of paradox) may - as Jamal Hamdan - under the influence of the extreme variation between the gross social differences, or on the other hand between the immortality of the ancient ruins and the banality of housing areas, or between the valley and the desert where all side by side, but as neighbors of life and death.
Therefore, we will find ourselves in front of features that may seem far apart, sometimes contradictory, sometimes, which requires travelers give a lot of patience to understand the Egyptian manner, their Customs and traditions. (From the Book; "Egyptians in the mirror", Rajab Al-Banna, the Family Library publisher 2000)