What should you avoid bringing when traveling ?


Travelers to Egypt must consider that they are going to visit an African Arab with Muslim majority country in the Middle East which means regulations are not the same compared to other countries but it is not isolated or too static. Some of these notable requirements are;
1- Travelers are not required to convert foreign currency into Egyptian pounds upon arrival. The maximum amount of Egyptian currency that can be brought in or taken out of Egypt is 5,000 Egyptian pounds.
2- Games those are similar to weapons, Self-defense tools such as electric detonator, Ammunition, daggers and swords, it is important to note that some Swiss-Knifes considered as weapons, but one piece is not a big deal.
3- Mummified animals or stuffed birds, all kinds of live or frozen bird or any derived product.
4- Pornographic material
5- Drugs, Narcotics and medicines, in Egypt penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Egypt are strict, those who convicted offenders can expect jail sentences, The death penalty may be imposed on anyone convicted of smuggling or selling hashish, opium, LSD or other narcotics even convicted with small quantities of drugs, Also not allowed to bring over than 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200g of tobacco, or over than 1L of alcoholic beverages.
6- Don't bring Anti-Islamic religious materials or Publications of religious missionary.
7- Cordless telephones,
8- Over EGP500 value Gifts would be a subject to obtained tax at airports.

9- Do not take out gold and silver on departure, purchased on the local market, unless it was for personal use.