What should I bring with me to Egypt?

 Egypt is sophisticated and very modern country where almost anything you need can be found, there are a
Few necessary exceptions - items you will probably want to bring with you on your trip.Recommended to bring these Basic Travel Accessories with you to Egypt;
1-      Necessary Health care products; Sun Block to prevent Sun burn, for medicine most of what you need isavailable in Egyptian drug stores, but it may be called by different names. Topical antiseptic and salva, Vitamin C (Alacer-Emergen-C for easy travel), blisters, Insect repellent, skin cream, diarrhea medication, Breath mints, Aspirin, Hair spray, or even Gum. There is no problem bringing prescription medication into Egypt.
2-      Sunglasses;recommended good sunglasses with ultra-high UV rating to let you have a good vision of the sand & desert, Also Hats and Other Covering.
3-       Canteen or Water Holder dehydrated is critical, so much better to bring along a canteen to carry your water on your waist or shoulder-bag.
4-       Camera and accessories we recommend if you are not using a digital camera bring all the film and extra batteries that you will need, Bring along a flash attachment with replaceable batteries if possible, recommended to bring with your wide-angle lens for great photos inside temples, or pyramids. And bring extra memory cards if you using digital camera. Cameras could be used at most sites in Egypt without charge. However, both regular and video cameras can not be bringing with you inside Egyptian antique museum or at Valley of the Kings. Also bring high-speed film. Most people use ASA 800 film, which they push to 1600. This is because many monuments require that you do not use a flash when taking pictures inside.
5-      Guiding books;I advise you to read any of Egypt country guide book before and after tours to be clearer of what you are going to see & hear, then to pick it with you during your tour, suggested good books such as "The Rough Guide" and "The Lonely Planet.", which can be found in Egypt.
6-      Other essential stuff; Sewing Kits don't count on find is small hotels, Safety pins, Extra Bag to bring home souvenirs put it inside another bag before you leave home, Get wheels for your luggage, Swimsuit for pools in hotels, Notebook & pens for writing, Toiletries, Earplugs, Wet wipes Hand sanitizer gel & Tissues as many public toilets lack paper, Small flashlight, Travel Alarm for you privet wake-up call, travel alarm will come in very handy, you can catch a little Nap anywhere, Small change, maps if you are traveling alone.
7-      Cigarettes; available every where and inexpensive, some times with limited variety With difference in taste with the European or in U.S.A, Also Egyptian-manufactured cigarettes, most are noticeably stronger than you are used to.
           Bring along your spirit of patience good humor with positive attitude. Expect things "Laid-back" done.