Dress code for Egypt touring

Dress code for Egypt touring & women dress tips
   What do we have to wear on the street in Egypt? What to dress on board of Nile cruise? Can I wear bikini swimsuit in Egypt? What are the suitable cloths for women in Egypt? These are travelers most frequent questions before visiting Egypt; some comewith predisposed ideas, stories or even illusions. To give you the best advice we collected over than 50 guests comments and put it here in front of you; 
- Take care for the up and down, that mean you must have a hat and Comfortable Walking Shoes remember Most tourists walk more that sit, shoes should not be just comfortable, but very comfortable. Do not bring with you shoes for swimming near Coral reefs as they are  a lot cheaper here, leather shoes is preferred for mountain walks and such activities, but must be lightweight with ability of "foot breathe", something like Tennis shoes is good, or any other sport types of shoes are good for this too.
Our Best advice is; "comfortable and loose-fitting" & keeping in mind Egypt's conservative culture.
- The Nile cruise vessels are fully air conditioned. Dining room dress code is casual for breakfast & lunch; onboard dress is casual except at dinner, Nile cruise passengers come from all countries of the world, wearing suitable clothes finally gives good image about the place you come from. On deck smart casual is the rule. Lightweight cotton and other natural fiber clothing are favorable, with swimsuits and sun hats for the pool on sundeck. Light sweater or light jacket for cool mornings, although most days are warm in the winter but bring suitable cloth for winter evening time.
The final Conclusion .You're going to attract attention as a foreigner anyways, but at least it won't be because of "provocative" dress, most of guests gathered on same ideas that the most suitable cloths for Cairo & Upper Egypt (Luxor/Aswan) for roaming around, touring, shopping, etc. are; safari jacket or windbreaker, long sleeve T-shirt, baggy t-shirts, decent skirt, khakis, loosely woven cotton headscarf and a cotton cardigan underneath. For ladies the less flesh showing the more respect you will be showing, Long pants or long skirts (below the knee length), Scarf to cover your arms and shoulders in some places like mosques. You will find loads of wonderful scarves here in Cairo for sale with bright colors and are pretty economical to buy. Remember no shorts inside cities streets, Topless sunbathing at hotels in Luxor is an absolute no-no, no raggedy jeans the cheesecloth wraps are fine for the beach, but not for Cairo. For men you can wear shorts in Cairo or anywhere but never wear it if you are invited to an Egyptian home.
- In Sinai or Red Sea areas, anything goes. Topless is one of the fashions out on the beach so show it a little
or feel free to wear what you ever like. Most of the areas around are very tourist friendly.